by Celt Islam



An exclusive collection of unreleased tracks going back over a decade with an Electro B Boy Dub drven world dub twist by Celt Islam.

Earth City Rockers ...
I need to draw your attention to a couple of new releases on the Earth City Recordz imprint.

The first is a mini-album called Freeze, which comes from Sufi dub specialist Celt Islam. It features six older but previously unreleased electro B-Boy-styled tracks, all of which go some way to documenting the musical journey traversed by this remarkable artist over the course of the past decade. As such, Freeze represents something quite different from past Celt Islam releases, and I think that probably makes this release even more essential for fans. However, if you’re a complete newbie to the music of Celt Islam – and no regular everythingsgonegreen reader should be (assuming I still have my regular reader) – then Freeze itself might not be the best place to start due to the fact that it’s relatively raw and experimental. It works best as an archive document, something that amply demonstrates a starting point and the path taken to get to the level he operates at nowadays. I couldn’t help but notice a comment on social media from the humble artist himself (speaking about the title track on the new release): “here is something I did many moons ago … I am not the world’s best turntablist but hey I give it a good go.”
[ Mike Hollywood - ]


released May 5, 2015

Muhammad Abdullah Hamzah , Mian Rahman , David Vause and Abdashakur Higgins .



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Earth City Recordz Manchester, UK

EaRtH CiTy ReCoRdZ Is An AlTeRnaTiVe ELeCtRoNiCa LaBeL FoR ThE AlTeRnAtIvE SoUl .

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