Metaphysical Rituals EP

by MettaKin & Shamandub



released March 18, 2014

Metaphysical Rituals - MettaKin & Shamandub E.P

A deeply psychedelic collaboration E.P, MettaKin & Shamandub, fusing styles and blending spiritual & mechanical sounds to create a journey through bass music that is steady and well-constructed in its form, reinventing it to become something grand yet organic. Pushing Digital Dub, World Dub, Dub-step and heavy Bass music styles to new levels and to the beyond within.

MettaKin born in the UK, has been producing and creating music for the last 10 years. Always feeling a deep connection to mind and soul and to the observations of the new worlds created and manifested by vibration, the hunt for moulding his own began. In early productions under the alias Virus Child, he created deeply dark and distorted Darkcore, Gabber and Breakcore music, inspired by harsh tones and a bleak reality, leading him towards deeper and darker forms of dance and bass music. He then started to create a more organic and psychedelic sound, and created a new alias known as Spin-eye/Digital Nomad. These tracks found their first foundations in Psy/Goa/Darkpsy/Forest trance styles, then gradually into more Psy-chill/Downtempo and Trip-hop productions. MettaKin, forever having a deep love for Dub and Bass music, wanted to bring all past paths to meet as one and walk under a new name, so came MettaKin. His first E.P, U.T.C (Under The Canopy), a five track E.P. hosting a burst of experimental electronica & psychedelic sounds was released with the USA label Geomagnetic/Bass Star Records. His tracks have also been featured on compilation albums by Nomadic Noise Collective (UK) and SUBBASS/SPCZ (Germany). In 2013 he released a special Halloween single 'Vodun' with the Outallectual Collective (UK), soon followed by his work with Celt Islam's Earth City Records plus many more which are currently in motion. MettaKin is so extremely happy and grateful for the support and loyal following of his ever-evolving style, and can't wait to share what he has planned for the next couple of years.

Born In Sweden, during Shamandub's early teenage years he produced Hip Hop beats with the inspiration from the industrial, grey background which was his home town. In the years that followed, he moved to the west of Sweden, where he discovered Dub. The echoing sounds and the always present reverb changed his perspective on music, because of this, from there he joined Magnetto Sound, a collective of selectas playing Roots, Dub and heavy Dancehall. In search of new dubs to play he discovered Rusko's Jahova which yet again flipped his world-view. He decided to not only select Dubstep but also to be able to create it. Now following and loving most music, Shamandub is trying to fuse the beautiful with the ugly, the angry with the passive, the slow with the fast and the cold to contrast the warm. With dark and ominous soundscapes, together with repetitive, complex beats Shamandub is trying to take Dubstep into something.... else? 2014 marks the year that Shamandub first released his Infinity EP on Gaia Sound and he is collaborating with Mettakin on Earth-City Records. It's a new dawn for the Shaman.


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